Stefan Jansen


If you have questions regarding a potential bankruptcy situation, need assistance with restructuring, or are being approached by a curator, I can assess the risks and provide you with valuable support. I can also advise and assist you if you are interested in purchasing assets from a bankruptcy or wish to pursue a restart.

If you require assistance with obtaining or modifying financing or providing securities, such as liens, mortgages, or guarantees, I can carefully review the possibilities and risks involved. I can draft and assess the necessary documents to ensure the validity of the securities.

Furthermore, I passionately and tenaciously assist agricultural entrepreneurs in matters related to tenancy law, bulb law, phosphate rights, and disputes within partnerships or general partnerships. Growing up and residing in the flower bulb sector in the northern region of North Holland, I feel truly at home in the agricultural sector. I understand the challenges faced by your agricultural business and speak your language.

Specialization courses:

CPO Insolvency Law for Curators (2017)
INSOLAD/Grotius Insolvency Law (2021)
Financial Economics for Insolvency Lawyers (2022)

Memberships and affiliations:

Member of INSOLAD (Association of Insolvency Lawyers)
Member of the Association for Agricultural Law (VAR)
Member of the Association of Agricultural Law Attorneys (VvARA)
Treasurer of the Truus Wijsmuller-Meijer Foundation
Member of the Agribusiness Club North Holland North
Board member of the Holland Dairy Archive Foundation
Board member of the North Holland Livestock Improvement Archive