Shareholder disputes

Shareholder disputes exist in many different degrees. From seemingly small and manageable, to grand and compelling. Sometimes a seemingly manageable difference of opinion about an investment or the course of a company turns into a serious conflict, in which long-term collaborations are terminated or family ties are seriously compromised. Such conflicts can also literally paralyze the company.

Rapid intervention is therefore necessary in all cases in order not to jeopardize the continuity of the business. Then you need a resolute corporate lawyer who is experienced in the dynamics of a shareholder dispute, who can act quickly and effectively.

Lawyer specialized in shareholder disputes

Schenkeveld Advocaten is specialized in shareholder disputes. Our corporate lawyers have a great deal of experience in various proceedings, both before courts and tribunals and before the Enterprise Court of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal.

What can a lawyer who is specialised in shareholder disputes do for you?

First of all, prevention is better than cure. That is why it is very important that you make clear agreements when relations with your co-shareholder(s) are still good. And have these agreements clearly laid down in the shareholders’ agreement or investment agreement, joint venture agreement and/or articles of association. Schenkeveld Advocaten will be happy to help you make agreements about:

– control within the company
– the contribution and division of duties within the company
– governance
– the appointment of future directors
– investment, financing and investment decision-making
– exit, drag – and tag along arrangements
– the distribution of profits
– dispute settlement
– the termination of the cooperation or (joint) exit
– competition and relationship clauses

Once you have a shareholder conflict, we can provide you with expert and intensive support. Whether you are a (minority) shareholder or a member of the management board or supervisory board. We provide you with a realistic assessment of your position, which we can strengthen as much as possible if necessary in order to achieve the best possible result. Preferably by negotiation, but if necessary via the ordinary (summary proceedings) judge or the Enterprise Court.

You can contact the specialists at Schenkeveld Advocaten to handle for example:

– An inquiry procedure with the Enterprise Court
– buyout
– resignation
– expulsion
– procedure for the annulment of shareholders’ decisions or management decisions.
– division (following a dispute)
– sale of the company
– dissolution of the company
– (turbo) liquidation
– filing for bankruptcy of the company

Questions about a shareholder conflict?

Do you have a question about a shareholder agreement? Or do you have a conflict with (one of) the other shareholder(s)? Please feel free to contact one of our corporate law lawyers without obligation. You can do this by calling +31 (0) 72 514 46 66. You can also complete the contact form, and you will receive an answer within 24 hours.