IT law

Automation, digitization and technical progress do not stand still, in fact, they are in constant and rapid development. The area of law that goes with this is IT law. This too is dynamic and constantly evolving. Legislation and regulations are complex and above all abstract. Moreover, the legislation is constantly being adapted to the latest developments. IT contracts are also often complex and full of jargon. This makes IT law a complicated playing field for entrepreneurs: what does the contract actually contain? Who is responsible for what? And who is liable in the event of a major failure? Or for a failed IT project?

As an entrepreneur, you therefore need to be able to rely on an experienced IT lawyer, who is not only aware of the latest legal developments, but also of the very latest technical developments and possibilities.

IT lawyer

Schenkeveld Advocaten engages lawyers who specialize in IT law. They are familiar with the relevant technical and legal developments, know the world of IT and advise in a way that suits them: fast, clear and high-quality.

Schenkeveld Advocaten assists various companies that have to deal with legal IT issues. From internet companies and software developers to hosting providers. But we also advise and litigate for institutions and governments.

What can an IT lawyer do for you?

In IT law, various legal aspects come together. Think of corporate law, contract law, intellectual property law and privacy law. At Schenkeveld Advocaten you will find these fields of expertise and the necessary experience under one roof.

You can turn to Schenkeveld Advocaten for:
– advice on internet law and online business (e-commerce)
– negotiating, preparing and assessing (complex) IT contracts, such as (managed) hosting agreements, software development agreements, Service Level Agreements, escrow agreements, service contracts or cloud, ASP and SaaS contracts
– legal advice on the use of cloud services
– the preparation or assessment of general terms and conditions
– advice and procedures for IT disputes, such as malfunctioning software, breakdowns or conflicts about automation projects
– advice on intellectual property rights for software
– privacy advice


Do you have a question about IT law? Please feel free to contact one of our lawyers without obligation. You can do this by calling +31 (0) 72 514 46 66. You can also complete the contact form, and you will receive an answer within 24 hours.