How are costs calculated?

At Schenkeveld Advocaten N.V., the costs of the attorneys are calculated based on the number of hours spent on the case multiplied by the agreed hourly rate.

The hourly rate depends on several factors, such as the experience of the handling attorney, the financial importance of the case, and any urgency involved.

Advance payment

When using the services of Schenkeveld Advocaten N.V. for the first time, it is customary for us to request an advance payment for the services to be provided.

Office expenses

Schenkeveld Advocaten N.V. charges a standard surcharge of 5% on the declared hourly rate for minor costs. VAT at a rate of 21% is applied to the fee and office expenses.


If Schenkeveld Advocaten N.V. needs to pay costs to third parties on behalf of the client, these costs will be passed on to the client. This is particularly the case with disbursements such as court fees, bailiff costs, and extracts from public registers.

Time units

The handling attorney keeps track of the time spent on a client’s case. Schenkeveld Advocaten N.V. uses a time unit of six minutes. The invoice specification clearly shows the time spent on your case.

Multiple handling attorneys

The complexity of the case or the required specialized knowledge may involve multiple attorneys working on your case. Additionally, an experienced attorney may involve a less experienced attorney for simpler tasks. Conversely, a less experienced attorney may involve an experienced attorney for specialized knowledge. In such situations, the individual fees will be passed on to the client.

Travel expenses

In principle, Schenkeveld Advocaten N.V. charges travel time at the normal hourly rate.


Schenkeveld Advocaten N.V. invoices the hours and disbursements incurred in the previous month on a monthly basis. Payment is due within fourteen days of the invoice date. In the event of late payment, in addition to collection costs, statutory interest will be charged. Furthermore, if payment is still outstanding forty days after the invoice date, Schenkeveld Advocaten N.V. will cease its services until the arrears are settled.

Fixed price agreements

Clarity in advance? That is possible. Certain aspects of our services have a fixed or repetitive nature, allowing us to make fixed price agreements, also known as a fixed fee, in those cases.

As a fellow entrepreneur, we understand that you may want to budget your legal costs annually at Schenkeveld Advocaten N.V. We can make arrangements for that as well. Schenkeveld Advocaten N.V. can provide you with a quote for a specific period, specifying that we will provide legal services, on one or more legal areas, for you.


All work is carried out under an agreement for services with Schenkeveld Advocaten N.V. Our general terms and conditions apply to our services, which include limitations of our liability. You can download our general terms and conditions here. Naturally, we provide our general terms and conditions prior to or at the time of concluding the agreement, or we can send them to you upon request.