Intellectual property law

What is intellectual property?

When you buy a car, you have to deal with the right of ownership. You own the car and third parties do not have the right to use the car or to take it without your permission. This sounds quite logical, but what about intellectual creations such as a logo, design, invention or idea? What if someone imitates or copies your creation or parts of it? Intellectual property law protects you against unlawful use of your intellectual creations by third parties. More than ever, it is crucial that you protect your logo, design, invention or idea. If you don’t, someone else will.

Intellectual property

IP law includes trademark law, design law, patent law and copyright law. The intellectual property lawyers at Schenkeveld Advocaten specialize in all these areas of law. They also know the ropes internationally. Thanks to our network of renowned partner offices*, you are assured of specialist knowledge worldwide. At Schenkeveld Advocaten, for example, you will find all expertise in the field of IP law under one roof.

Trademark law

Trademark law applies to the protection of signs that distinguish you from the competition. These signs are also called trademarks. This may include trade names, logos and even colors. By registering your trademark you prevent third parties from copying or imitating your trademark. Schenkeveld Advocaten helps you with the registration of your trademark, but also acts when your trademark has been infringed. You can read more about trademark law here.

Design law

A design is defined as the creation of a product or packaging. The unique design of your products and/or packaging also sets you apart from the competition. That is why it is important that you register your designs and thus protect them against unlawful use by third parties. As a designer, design law offers you the exclusive right to use the unique design. Here you will find more information about the design law.


Have you invented something and do you want to protect it against counterfeiting, selling or importing by others? If so, you can apply for a patent that gives you an exclusive right to your invention. This applies even if another person has made the same invention independently of you. The intellectual property lawyers at Schenkeveld Advocaten are happy to assist you in applying for a patent and to act in the event of infringement. Click here for more information about a patent.


Copyright is established automatically when you create something original in the field of literature, science or art. You do not need to register this. Copyright gives you the exclusive right to publish and reproduce your work. Schenkeveld’s intellectual property lawyers can help you with all kinds of matters relating to copyright infringement.

Intellectual property lawyers in North Holland

Schenkeveld Advocaten takes care of the secure registration of your trademark or design and will advise you on patent and copyright protection. We offer you intellectual property lawyers who take decisive action against infringements of these rights. As the only law firm in the north region of the North Holland province, you will find all the expertise you need under one roof at Schenkeveld Advocaten. With offices in Amsterdam, Alkmaar and Hoorn, you have top-level specialist knowledge, just in your area. Feel free to contact us for more information and advice. Call us:  +31 (0) 72 514 46 66 / +31 (0) 229 21 28 15 / +31 (020) 333 8050 or leave a message via the contact form.

* Such as SNR Denton in the United States, FPS Law in Germany and Eubelius Advocaten in Belgium.