Procurement law


A call for tenders is made when a client or contracting authority announces that it wishes to have a contract carried out by another company. This concerns the provision of work, supplies or services. Public authorities are obliged to tender contracts above a certain threshold, commercial institutions do not have this obligation. Any company interested in the tender is free to  submit a bid to the contracting authority. This creates a fair competition in which the contracting authority can choose the most advantageous tender. The party to whom the contract is awarded is referred to as the awarded party. Would you like to know more? Read more about tenders in our legal dictionary.

Procurement Act 2012

There are a number of basic principles of procurement law which a contracting authority must observe. These principles are laid down in the Public Procurement Act 2012 and apply even if your work, supply or service remains below the threshold value. For example, a client is obliged to treat all tenders in an equal, objective and non-discriminatory manner. For example, no distinction may be made between interested parties on the basis of nationality. The failure to provide information to all candidates at the same time and in full is also regarded as discriminatory. Furthermore, the contracting authority must comply with the principle of transparency. This means that all activities within the entire procurement procedure must be transparent and verifiable.

Procurement lawyer

As you can see, a tendering procedure involves many rules and regulations. Within procurement law, for example, you will have to deal with the 2012 Public Procurement Act, the ever-expanding European case law and the general procurement principles. With so many factors to take into account, a legal conflict within procurement law is quickly looming. Would you like to tender and bid without worries? Then opt for a procurement lawyer from Schenkeveld Advocaten. With Schenkeveld Advocaten, you opt for procurement lawyers who have earned their spurs in procurement law over the years. For more than 40 years, our experts have been offering fast solutions at every stage of the tendering process:

– Advice on the obligation or desirability of tendering
– Assessing tender specifications
– Supervising the tendering procedure and bids
– Determined action in procedures for public authorities and tenderers

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