Dutch Employment law

Employment law governs the rights, responsibilities and obligations within the employer-employee relationship. This is a legal area which changes regularly. For instance, with the introduction of The Work and Security Act (Wet werk en zekerheid, also known as WWZ), on January 1, 2015, a number of far-reaching changes have been implemented. The WWZ introduced an exhaustive number of dismissal grounds. On January 1, 2020, changes will be made again as The Balanced Labour Market Act (Wet Arbeidsmarkt in Balans, also known as WAB) will come into effect.

We advise and litigate on employment law issues on a daily basis regarding all aspects of employment law and assist both employers and employees. Furthermore, we are specialized in many areas of law related to employment law. As a result, you will have all expertise you need. Our law firms are located in Amsterdam, Alkmaar and Hoorn. If you need advice or assistance regarding work-related matters, please do not hesitate to contact one of our employment lawyers directly.

Drawing up an employment contract

For their validity it is important that some provisions and/or agreements between employer and employee are carefully documented in the contract. However, this often goes wrong. We are happy to help you draw up or check your employment contract. In addition, we can also advise on employment conditions, such as the non-competition clause and the non-solicitation clause.

Terminate an employment contract

In case it should be necessary, we can assist you regarding the termination of an employment contract by starting a dismissal procedure or draw up a termination agreement. We have also lots of experience with restructuring or a reorganization.


Do you wonder if it is possible to dismiss an employee with immediate effect? Do you want to start a dismissal procedure? Are you forced to start a reorganization in which you have to terminate the contract with one or more employees? No matter the situation, our lawyers have all the expertise to provide you with the right advice and guide you through the dismissal procedure.

Works council lawyer

Companies with 50 or more employees are obliged to set up a works council (Ondernemingsraad). The works council has various rights to exercise influence in the decision-making process within the organization. The rights and obligations of the works council are laid down in the Works Councils Act (Wet op de Ondernemingsraden). Under the WCA the works council has the right to give advice, the right of consent, the right of initiative and the right to receive information from the employer.

We regularly advise employers on employee participation as well as works councils on their rights and obligations.

Public service lawyer

You can also contact us with questions about employment law at government institutions and public or private educational institutions, also known as public service law. The legal position of these institutions and employees differs because public service law is characterized by a unilateral appointment. Each public sector has its own regulation and different rules apply to each sector. If you have any questions about this topic, feel free to contact us.

Self -employed individuals without employees / management agreements

Nowadays more people are carrying out activities outside regular employment law as self-employed individuals without employees or on the basis of a management agreement. Regarding this matter we advise companies as well as the self-employed individuals concerning the contracts and the rights and obligations arising therefrom.

What can an employment lawyer advise you about?

– Dismissals under Dutch law
– Transition payment
– Transfer of company
– Sickness and continued payment of wages
– Sickness and dismissal
– Fixed-term employment contracts
– Adaptation of employment conditions
– Unilateral change of conditions of employment
– Settlement agreement
– (Company) regulations
– Collective labour agreements
– (Standards for Remuneration) Act
– Foreign Nationals (Employment) Act
– Management agreement
– Directors/Director and principal shareholder (DGA)
– Employment Relationships (Deregulation)
– Contract for the provision of services for self-employed individuals without employees and freelancers.
– Model contracts
– Public service law

Our employment lawyerswork in the following sectors, among others

– Non-profit/health care
– SMEs and large enterprises
– Local authorities
– Offshore
– Financial sector
– Education
– Sports
– Agricultural sector

Questions about labour law?

Feel free to ask your questions to one of our employment lawyers without any obligation by calling +31 (0) 72 514 46 66 / +31 (0) 229 21 28 15 / +31 (020) 333 8050 or by leaving a message via the contact form.