Equine law

Equine lawyers and equestrian sports (equine law)

As horse lover, you know that in equestrian sports a lot of legal issues can arise. Disputes concerning the sale of a horse, for example. Or problems with the municipality about the construction of a new stable. Of course, you can go to a regular lawyer. But you can also rely on legal specialists who share your affinity with equestrian sports.

Experienced lawyers specialised in equine law

Schenkeveld Advocaten is one of the few law firms that specializes in equine law. Our lawyers keep a close eye on equestrian sports and are always up to date with the latest developments in equine law. In this way you are assured of a good relationship and very decisive action. That is just as pleasant with a sport as expensive as the equestrian sport. Our equine lawyers will do everything in their power to bring your case to a successful conclusion.

International equine law

You can also count on the expertise of Schenkeveld Advocaten for international issues in relation to horses. Our equine lawyers have extensive international experience and work closely with reputable partner offices in the United States, China, Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy.

What can our equine lawyers do for you?

Our equine lawyers are faced with a variety of legal issues. These include among others:

– Buying or selling a horse
– The stabling of a horse
– The operation of an equestrian center
– Liability for accidents
– Damage caused by a horse
– Hidden defects that come to light


Feel free to ask your questions to one of our equine lawyers without any obligation by calling +31 (0) 72 514 46 66 / +31 (0) 229 21 28 15 / +31 (020) 333 8050 or by leaving a message via the contact form.

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