Ilse van der Poel


If you are a municipality or a developer looking to develop a project and need advice, then you’ve come to the right place. I can advise you on zoning plans, entering into antecedent agreements, purchasing real estate, construction agreements, leasing the property, and compensation for damages. I can also advise you on circular building and the energy transition.

In addition, I often advise and litigate for municipalities on public order issues, such as the closure of properties under the Opium Act, the Victoria Act, the Bibob Act, demonstrations, and APV-related issues.

I am also a specialist in expropriation law and act for both individuals and municipalities. You can also approach me with questions about agricultural and equine law.

I believe it’s important that you feel heard by me. Together we will look for the best possible solution. I think beyond just a legal solution. If necessary, I will also start legal proceedings for you, and I will give 100% effort. My good analytical skills and determination come in handy in these situations.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, degree in private law and administrative law Grotius spatial administrative law and environmental law (environmental law) grade: 8

Specialization associations
Member of the association for construction law lawyers
Member of the association for construction law
Member of the association for expropriation law lawyers.

Side activities
Member of the Administrative Law Committee of the court
Board member of Lighthouse (association for managers in construction)
Chairman of the Victoriefonds Foundation
Secretary of the Executive Board of the Heart of North Holland Foundation, regional and city marketing
Chairman of the Parent Council of Kennemerpoort Lindenlaan.