Lisa Morsch


Do you, as an insurer, have a dispute with your insured? Or have you, as an insured, become involved in a discussion with your insurer and need advice? I am here to assist you. I provide advice and representation to both insurers and insured parties in various matters. I am happy to advise you on policy terms, coverage issues, insurance fraud, and other insurance-related disputes. Additionally, I frequently represent clients in court proceedings or proceedings before the Financial Services Complaints Institute (Kifid). My goal in every case is to quickly get to the heart of the matter, allowing me to effectively and efficiently advocate for the interests of my clients.

Furthermore, I am involved in bankruptcy law. As a lawyer, I regularly assist trustees and support them in bankruptcy cases. This has given me experience in the field of bankruptcy practice, particularly in relation to financing and securities, as well as director’s liability. If you have any questions about bankruptcy law or if you are being held liable by a trustee, I am here for you and will gladly help you find a suitable solution.


Member of the Association of Young Insolvency Lawyers (JIRA)