Pien Schotman


If you need advice on the purchase or sale of real estate, assistance in drafting or reviewing a construction agreement, or have a dispute regarding the interpretation of a contract or division deed, I would be happy to assist you.

I specialize in real estate law, which includes areas such as construction law, property purchase and lease agreements. I am familiar with handling disputes within Owners’ Associations and can provide guidance in those matters as well. In June 2022, I completed the Grotius Real Estate Law program, which has further enhanced my knowledge in this field. This enables me to provide even better advice on legal issues related to servitudes, annexation (such as solar panels), restrictive covenants, liability in property purchase and/or construction agreements.

When it comes to (complex) legal issues, I enjoy thinking creatively and outside the box to find the best solutions. I strive to provide clear and understandable answers that will help you move forward. You can expect prompt communication and personal contact from me. In the process of reviewing and drafting contracts, I prioritize expressing the parties’ agreements in clear and comprehensible language.


  • Leiden University (December 2015), Civil Law
  • Grotius specialization program in Real Estate Law (June 2022 – with honors)

Additional Activities

  • Skills trainer for the professional training of lawyers.