Agricultural law

Agricultural Lawyer

The agricultural sector and North Holland are inextricably linked. The sector is rapidly developing into an international high-tech industry, and the law is moving with it. As an agricultural entrepreneur, don’t you want to miss an opportunity and anticipate the challenges of our time?

In the heart of the Green Valley’s and Greenport you will find a leading law firm with knowledge of agricultural matters. Our agricultural lawyers are ready to assist you in taking advantage of your opportunities.

What does agricultural law cover?

Agricultural law covers a wide range of areas of law. So do the services of Schenkeveld Advocaten. For example, you can engage us on these subjects:

– Contracts and general terms and conditions
– Agricultural tenancy law, tenancy law and construction law
– Nitrogen and the Nature Conservation Act
– Phosphate rights
– Statutory rights and duties between neighbours and complaints about nuisance
– Housing for migrant workers
– International sale and purchase of livestock and agricultural products
– Shareholder disputes and conflicts
– Labour law and related areas of law
– Agricultural insurance law
– Expropriation law
– Water discharges and other aspects of aquatic law
– Environmental law and rules on manure and quotas, including phosphate rights
– Intellectual property rights, such as plant breeders’ rights and license agreements
– Competition law
– Allocation and demerger of companies
– Administrative law for permits or zoning plans

Common issues of agricultural law

Agricultural law is a complex area of law in which various issues and solutions can be involved. Our agricultural lawyers, with a range of expertise, possess the knowledge to find a solution for every situation.

The following questions are frequently asked:

– When is my company required to obtain a permit in accordance with planning and environmental legislation?
– How can I resolve a dispute within a partnership without a procedure and divide assets and liabilities?
– How can I object or appeal against a fine under the Fertilizers Act?
– What should I be aware of when concluding a regular or deregulated lease or a cultivation lease and how can I terminate such an agreement?
– A plot of land on which a right of easement rests for the benefit of another person. What are the rights and obligations of myself and others?
– What are my rights if my land is located in an area where land consolidation takes place?
– What can I do if the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) rejects my statement for the payment entitlements?
– When have I fulfilled my manure processing obligation?
– What can I do if I have received a solidarity payment from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) for having too many cows on my farm?
– Maybe I qualify for the phosphate rights hardship scheme?
– Does our cooperation comply with the Competitive Trading Act?
– Have I been cut back under the Preconditions, and rightly so?
– Has the condition of “Eigen Partij” in the sale of flower bulbs been met and how can I obtain proof?
– Does the third party infringe my plant breeders’ rights?
– Can I include health claims in advertisements for fruit and vegetables?
– Do I have to file an Agri trademark in addition to my Plant Breeders’ Rights?

Agricultural lawyer in Hoorn, Alkmaar en Amsterdam

The agricultural law experts at Schenkeveld Advocaten understand where you come from and know your sector from the inside out. For many years, we have supported agricultural entrepreneurs like you from our offices in Alkmaar, Hoorn and Amsterdam.

We are constantly looking for ways to provide you with the best possible advice. In addition, our international contacts guarantee solid legal assistance worldwide. You can visit our offices in Alkmaar, Hoorn and Amsterdam for down-to-earth legal advice from Schenkeveld Advocaten. This advice is of course also available in English, if desired.

Would you like a direct personal discussion about agricultural law and your options? Call one of our agricultural lawyers today: +31 (0)72 – 514 46 66 or drop by for free legal advice during our legal surgery on Thursday afternoon from 15.00 to 17.00 hours.