Simone Smit


If you are a municipality or a company dealing with environmental law and in need of advice, please contact me.

As an environmental law attorney, I provide advice and litigation services on zoning plans, environmental permits, and enforcement. I frequently represent my clients in court hearings before administrative courts and the Administrative Jurisdiction Division, or assist municipalities during hearings.

I am also involved in public order cases, such as the closure of properties based on the Opium Act, addressing residential nuisances, temporary restraining orders, the Bibob Act, and other enforcement matters. If you have questions regarding nature conservation, agricultural law, or the energy transition, I can assist you with those as well.

I regularly give presentations and write blogs and articles on these topics.

Clients describe me as enthusiastic, positive, highly committed, persistent, and above all, very curious. I value good personal contact and believe in working based on mutual trust. With this foundation, I can assess the best, fastest, and most creative solution for your case. Ideally, I aim to reach that solution outside of the courtroom, working together with you. If that is not possible, I am not afraid of litigation and will dedicate myself 100% to your case. From the initial application to the first decision and potentially even the appeal.

During a legal procedure, I keep you informed about developments, both in case law and beyond, that are relevant to your case. This way, you stay up to date with the latest developments and know what you can expect from me.


  • Climate Change and Energy Transition Course
  • Grotius Environmental Law (with honors)
  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Master’s in Administrative Law and Criminal Law