Britt Zijp - legal assistant


As a legal assistant, I support the lawyers at Schenkeveld in the fields of real estate law and personal injury law. My tasks include analyzing new cases, drafting summonses, writing (advisory) letters, and researching case law. If you have any questions or if you have a case related to either of these areas of expertise at our office, it is quite possible that I will be the one assisting you.

Before joining Schenkeveld as a legal assistant, I interned here. Subsequently, after completing my bachelor’s degree, I started working part-time as a legal assistant. This was during my Master’s in Private Law at the University of Amsterdam. I completed this program in July 2023 and then joined Schenkeveld full-time as a legal assistant from September 1, 2023. I primarily work from our Hoorn location.


  • University of Amsterdam, Master’s in Law specialization in Private Law Practice (LLM)