Privacy lawyer

What is privacy law?

Privacy law is a collective term for all laws and regulations relating to the right to protection of your private life, your family and family life, your home and/or your correspondence. Every organization, not only companies but also governments and other institutions, has to deal with privacy law. This could include, for example, the rules on how to deal with customer files, employee data or customer data.

Privacy law: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The volume of rules, obligations and responsibilities in the field of privacy law is substantial, complex and rather abstract and therefore sometimes difficult to apply in practice.

Since 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG / GDPR) has been in force for the entire European Union. The GDPR applies, among others, to the processing of personal data and the way in which data breaches are dealt with. Read also: How GDPR-proof is your organisation? Six (6) matters you need to have arranged in any case

In addition to the GDPR and the GDPR Implementation Act applicable in the Netherlands, there are more relevant European regulations, which are also constantly changing.

What can a privacy lawyer do for you?

You can contact us with all your questions about privacy law. Our experts in the field of privacy law can tell you exactly which rules apply to your specific situation. What, for example, can our privacy lawyers do for you? Full GDPR check: does your organization comply with the rules and what do you need to change in concrete terms?

– Drawing up and assessing documents, think of:

  • data processing agreements;
  • privacy statements and cookie statements;
  • joint controller agreements;
  • cooperation agreements in the field of processing personal data.

– Privacy by design: advising before or during the development of a product, service or process in which personal data are being processed. For example, Internet of Things, data analytics (big data analysis) for internal use, marketing or apps.
– Intensive support in the event of a data breach. What to do in case of a data breach? Do you have to report it? Do you have to inform those involved?
– Assisting in legal proceedings of organizations that process personal data. For example, if the Data Protection Authority acts as an enforcing agent or if your organization is approached by individuals whose personal data you are processing.
– Advising on complex agreements or transitions in which personal data are involved. For example, cooperation agreements between institutions that exchange personal data.

Strategic cooperation implementation of GDPR

Do you have a legal question about privacy law? Please contact one of our privacy lawyers by calling +31 (0) 72-514 46 66 or leave a message using the contact form.